Focal Point Training employs a unique philosophy that helps clients achieve their goals.

Our ideas about exercise stem from empiricism and hypnotism.  Empiricism is the theory that all knowledge is derived from sense-experience.  Hypnotism brings you into a state in which you have heightened focus and concentration.  By combining these two ideas, Focal Point Training has created a way to reimagine exercise.  

The Broken Cycle of Fitness

At this moment in time, we are deeply rooted in a culture of “give it all or nothing”. But when it comes to our workouts giving it our best all the time is difficult to maintain.  We have recognized a negative pattern that exists in current fitness trends.

  • We see “fit” people in the media everywhere and fear the consequences of not living a “fit” lifestyle that others seem to achieve with ease.
  • We enter a fitness fad.  Whether it’s a boot camp, spin class, or some other trend that seems to work for everyone, these trendy workouts draw us in with claims of fast, unrealistic results.
  • Then the workout is too much and for whatever reason, we aren’t able to keep it up.  It is easy for us to interpret this as a failure and the cycle starts over with the fear that we are not good enough.

Sometimes, Less is More When it Comes to Health

In contrast to broken cycle of the fitness industry, Focal Point training tries to simplify health and focus on the basics.  Personal trainers at Focal Point Training work with clients to not only learn the how, why, and how much to exercise but improve habits through simple steps such as:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods
  • Sleep more at the right times
These basic habits greatly reduce stress and lead to an overall happier, healthier life.

Heightened Sense of Awareness

Focal Point Training focuses on exercise and hypnosis as the main driver of changing negative habits.  Our approach uses a heightened sense of awareness to create the foundation of a strong self-narrative and build positive habits.  

  • Workouts begin with the “induction phase” where your mood may be low and your body is not warmed up. 
  • After getting into the workout, mood is elevated and we experience “flow“.
  • Finally, we enter a heightened state of awareness and are more susceptible to post hypnotic suggestions.  At this time, our elevated mood brings about our own internal positive suggestions.  These suggestions build a stronger self-narrative which empowers you to take positive action when it comes to your health.

Focal Point Training is Sustainable Exercise

Through this pattern of exercise, Focal Point Training is committed to helping individuals create healthy habits that will last.  We do not support complex, exhausting workouts but use a “good enough” mindset that promotes balance and sustainability.  Our approach focuses on small improvements over time that add up and can lead to great success!

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