Personal Training

Focal Point Training provides one-on-one training in a private gym environment. The private gym helps you learn proper techniques comfortably without the distractions of a crowded gym.  Each session is 60-90 minutes long and Tyler helps you create a custom workout based on how you are feeling in the moment.  Your workouts become a pattern of movement that creates a heightened sense of awareness to elevate your mood and bring about positive change.  Each session ends with 5-10 minutes of meditation to continue to ease the mind, reduce stress and build a better self-narrative.


-Introductory session – Free

10 session – $650

-36 Sessions – $1800

Guided Meditation

As a certified hypnotherapist, Tyler also offers hypnotherapy for weight loss and breaking bad habits.  Hypnotherapy sessions are broken up into two segments.  The first portion of the session is a conversation between the client and Tyler.  This conversation focuses on the intentions and expectations of the client.  During the second half of the session, the client enters a deep state of relaxation where Tyler guides the imagination through meditation and positive suggestion.


  • Individual clinical hypnosis session – $99 / session