Good Enough- a metric of experience.

“Good Enough” gets a bad rap in today’s society. It is often associated with lazy, poor quality, and below the standards of most folks. However, with a slight shift in narrative “Good Enough” can be powerful and lead to the success you are pursuing. Good enough implies that you did something! For so many people just doing something is a big step in the right direction. Each time you attempt to do just good enough you take action and it’s through this repetitive action that you will naturally gain experience that will help guide you further down your path. Good enough is good enough to get a lot of people started and that’s what makes it good enough. Once you have started then you must keep going. Chances are your dreams won’t come true after just a few good enough experiences or even a few of the BEST experiences. You will need to keep going! Good enough is good enough to keep people going hence what makes it good enough. If you can simply start and then keep going you will inevitable grow, learn, and improve your odds of success. By reminding yourself that good enough will do you can alleviate many of the pressures, anxieties, and deadlines that often lead people to give up or never even try. So the next time you workout try a good enough workout. Cut yourself some slack, take it easy, and be patient. After all it’s just one workout and you’ll have to do all again another day.

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