The fitness mystery. Solving Good Enough.

Fitness can be boiled down to a simple equation. The right amount of work + the right amount of recovery = Improvement. The mystery worth solving is what is the right amount? There are plenty of books, and fitness gurus who can tell you exactly what the right stuff is and how much of it to do but will that work for you? In many cases it doesn’t. There are too many people struggling to get fit or stay fit, despite the vast knowledge and services on the topic. As a result we see many people who are working TOO much and not getting enough recovery. Too much work + not enough recovery = exhaustion. Exhaustion is often hailed as hard work. Hard work is hard, expensive, and risky! That’s why I promote Good Enough. Good Enough is the right amount of work for you right now. To know what that is before you do it can lead many a stray and why i treat my workouts like a mystery to be solved. To be the muscle sleuth necessary to solve the fitness riddle is simple. Show up, Make it up, Quit while your’e ahead. Follow this three steps and you could solve the mystery and lead a stronger life.

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